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a noun that forms plurals

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They can combine with a singular count noun to form a grammatical noun phrase.
Presumably, assuming a separate mass-noun-like quality is the first step for any plural form of a count noun that is going to be a lexical item on its own.
If a language has a lexically-governed mass/count distinction, the SHAPE value corresponds with count nouns and the SUBSTANCE value with mass nouns.
If count nouns are dependent on an overt determinative, the latter must be singular or plural; uncountables must depend on an overt determinative that is neither.
We observed that anaphoric nominal arguments behave like count nouns.
4) Such reclassifications of mass nouns as count nouns also occur in Standard English, of course: "What breads have you got today?
fit into a semantic spectrum ranging from abstract ma ss nouns of quality to concrete and collective count nouns of entity" (p.
In the singular, count nouns can use an indefinite article, whereas non-count nouns do not use one (Carter--McCarthy 2006: 339).
Count nouns can take plural affixes and co-occur with numerals, while mass nouns normally do not; on the other hand, mass nouns can take quantifiers such as duzo 'lots', malo 'few, little', and troche 'some' when used in the singular, while count nouns normally do not.
Seppanen (1974: 97) points out that the names here "will therefore have to be treated as count nouns", otherwise "proper names will then have both the article contrast and the number contrast which are normally considered critical for count nouns.
So contrary to their claims, a classifier is not absolutely required to make count nouns countable in Mandarin Chinese.