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a member of a council

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A peasant councilor from Tajazai Osmanullah said that the government should provide due rights to the peasant and youth councilors if it wanted to strengthen the local government system.
Another peasant councilor from Kakakhel Gul Faraz said that the government had released huge uplift funds for the village councils, saying the peasant and youth councilors fear the VC nazims will not bother to consult them during the utilization of funds on developmental works.
Amongst them are former councilors and former local government practitioners and they have all undergone a "train the trainer" programme.
Thus far, councilors in Ngaka Modiri Molema and Dr Kenneth Kaunda have already gone through the CIP.
The council already has councilors in other champion roles - Mike Findley for Older People, Peter Dunlop for Community Cohesion, Peter Spencer for Design and Historic Environment, Norman Pickthall for E-government, Billy Ayre for Health and Safety and Norah Cooney for Children and Young People.
A vote on the matter was scheduled for last night's meeting, but councilors instead decided to hold off and study it more.
At least one aspect of that will change because councilors on Monday approved a budget with money to create council offices in City Hall and money to hire a staff person.
2] The sources available on the house, unusually rich, provide a rare opportunity to compare pronouncements by councilors, burghers, (as property-owning citizens were known in German towns) and inmates on one subject.
Now the ANP has 24 district councilors, PTI 10, JUI 8 and the remaining district councilors belong to various political parties.
GARDNER - A proposed raise for city councilors would be excessive in comparison with what councilors make in other cities, according to Councilor Joshua L.
OAKLAND - Three weeks after a recall election that removed the mayor and two city councilors from office, this city still has only two members on its council after a meeting meant to fill the open positions Tuesday night.
In the 126 village councils and 20 neighborhood councils, 2116 general councilors, 597 women councilors, 798 peasants/ workers councilors, 826 youth councilors and 17 minority councilors have filed their nomination papers.
City councilors zeroed in Wednesday on two potential new political maps for the city of Eugene- dubbed "Violet A" and "Indigo D.
Similarly, for the 36 village and neighborhood councils, 505 general councilors, 151 women councilors, 158 peasants/ workers councilors, 170 youth councilors and 3 minority councilors have filed their nomination papers with respective returning officers.
According to the structural layout, a village council is comprised of five to ten general councilors, two women councilors, one labor councilor, one youth councilor and one minority councilor making a total of ten to twelve councilors.