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Synonyms for councillor

a member of a council

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Little better than a beggar," said the Town Councillors.
Of myself," said each of the Town Councillors, and they quarrelled.
The king was delighted at this, and exclaimed to the Phaeacians, "Aldermen and town councillors, our guest seems to be a person of singular judgement; let us give him such proof of our hospitality as he may reasonably expect.
Aldermen and town councillors of the Phaeacians, let Demodocus cease his song, for there are those present who do not seem to like it.
But yet I held my hand in the fire and made no sign, while the king and his councillors watched me curiously.
I was about to say a 'misunderstood person,' when you interrupted me," insinuated quietly Councillor Mikulin.
Councillor Mikulin turned in his seat with crossed legs and resting his elbow on the table propped his head on the knuckles of a half- closed hand.
But Councillor Mikulin was surprisingly detached too.
You are aware," breathed out Councillor Mikulin, making the point softly, as if with discretion, but making it nevertheless plainly enough, as if he too were put off his guard by Razumov's remark.
Again Councillor Mikulin glanced down his beard with a faint grimace; but he did not pause for long.
I drink your health Councillor, and to our better acquaintance.
I've a word to say to you, Councillor, about this man.
Now, I'll leave it to you, Councillor, to judge between us as a Bodymaster should.
You know, sir, that they wished to murder that good councillor, Broussel, the father of the people?
It doesn't surprise me," said D'Artagnan, in a low tone to Porthos, "that Mazarin would have been much better satisfied had I crushed the life out of his councillor.
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