Council of Trent

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a council of the Roman Catholic Church convened in Trento in three sessions between 1545 and 1563 to examine and condemn the teachings of Martin Luther and other Protestant reformers

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The Council of Trent has often been presented as condemning in no uncertain terms Protestant teaching.
Chapter 7 is an epilogue in which O'Malley examines the significance of the Council of Trent after its conclusion in 1563, eighteen years after it opened.
Concession of the treasury department of the Autonomous Province of Trento to extend to the Provincial Council of Trent, the agencies, the entities referred to in instrumental LP 3/2006 and equal educational institutions referred to in LP 5/2006.
7) The concluding decree of the Council of Trent concerning indulgences explicitly responds to this reality--the aforementioned "abuses which have crept therein.
The Council of Trent was convened in 1545 and stretched into 1563, organized mainly to condemn Protestantism and to define Catholic doctrines.
In the introduction and first three chapters, Alfani provides an overview of godparent practice in the history of Christianity, up to the Council of Trent.
This essay will develop Gervassi-Navarro's insight, and will demonstrate how and why the Armas antarticas puts the epic genre at the service of the Council of Trent, and is not only a thrilling story of Catholic heroism, but also a catechetical work aimed at the target audience of Spanish warriors.
The notion of the celibate giving his all to serve God, undistracted by family matters, was not implemented until 1545 at the Council of Trent.
Father Matteo Ricci's missionary works are re-read in the light of the more complex urgencies of re-launching a new universalism of the Church, stemming from Catholic Reform and the Council of Trent in which the Society of Jesus was both protagonist and interpreter not only in a cultural and educational role but also in a missionary one.
I think it is a representation of the Council of Trent in session, an identification strongly suggested by comparison with well-attested representations of the Council such as the fresco in the north transept of Santa Maria Trastevere in Rome, or engravings so entitled by Landy and others.
In particular, he was the physician for the Council of Trent from February, 1546 to March, 1547, during which period he developed his intellectual doctrine (92).
He discusses Cardinal Gonzaga as both secular prince and ecclesiastical head of Mantua as well as papal legate during the third session of the Council of Trent, and has drawn on extensive manuscript sources in presenting a carefully crafted image of the cardinal.
It discusses the calls for renewal that marked the fifteenth century, the effects of the Council of Trent and the Renaissance, the work of female religious in the expansion of European empires in the new world, Spain in particular, and the expansion of the social, medical and educational work of nuns in the seventeenth century.
Vatican City--Vatican sources have confirmed that Pope Benedict is set to release plans making it easier for Catholics to attend Masses in the traditional Latin rite dating back to the Council of Trent (1545-1563).
The Council of Trent allows the sacraments to be ministered by ordained priests.
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