Council of Constance

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the council in 1414-1418 that succeeded in ending the Great Schism in the Roman Catholic Church


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A beloved pastor, John Hus was nevertheless condemned as a heretic at the Council of Constance for his uncompromising belief in the final authority of the Bible.
So, Durandus, before the Council of Vienne in 1311, and Cardinal Zaberella before the Council of Constance (1414-1418), once again broached the taboo topic.
He believed in the superiority of an ecumenical council over the pope, a doctrine later affirmed by the Council of Constance (1414-18) and hotly debated in the Council of Basel.
And he notes that the reform of Catholicism from Leo XIII is an exception, as is that of the Council of Trent, the Council of Constance, the political-ecclesiastical reform of Hildebrand, and so on.
In May 1415 at the Council of Constance a shortened list of John's crimes was read out, the most scandalous charges were suppressed, the pope was thus only charged with murder, piracy, rape, incest.
Scholars are not supposed to pardon, however, rough mistakes such as that the Council of Constance be talked about as a sixteenth century event (p.
For instance, an extant Cracow codex, copied during the Council of Constance (1414-18), "occupies an inferior branch of the textual stemma, which proves the exceptionally wide diffusion of the Dialogi in the early years of the Quattrocento" (19).
Not that these general issues are neglected in the remaining parts, which are chronologically focused: `The age of the great Schism', `The age of Dufay and Dunstable' and `Europe after 1450': in them we can learn variously of the significance of the Council of Constance to music and musicians, the collecting of music, the patronage of the Habsburgs, and the geographical links exemplified by the travels of musicians and the distribution of their compositions.
Jean Gerson, a leading influence in organizing the Council of Constance, observed that Christ asked Peter "to feed my sheep," not to run them off a cliff.
Guarding the Great National Exhibition The Council of Constance at the Council building in Konstanz by two people on duty that are included in the building, as well as monitoring of existing security systems outside the exhibition opening times.
The issue was not resolved until 1414 when the Council of Constance pressured anti-pope John XXIII to resign and excommunicated the Avignon Pope, Benedict XIII.
The Council of Constance, recognized as one of the 21 ecumenical councils by the Roman Catholic Church, went far in its determination to make its resolutions stick; it declared that ecumenical councils have jurisdiction over every member of the church, including the pope--a decision that remains problematic for some papal boosters even to this day.
An example may be seen in the chapter that deals most directly with my own area of expertise, "The Great Schism," which includes the best short account of the Council of Constance that I have read in any textbook.
A celebrated Dominican preacher, an important diplomat at the Council of Constance, a founder of the Corpus Domini convent in Venice, and a friend to Coluccio Salutati and Francesco Datini as well as a mentor to Archbishop Antoninus of Florence, he was intimately involved in the political and religious affairs of early Renaissance Italy.
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