public housing

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a housing development that is publicly funded and administered for low-income families

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His dog collar didn't fit, his mac had certainly seen better days, he drove a battered old van and lived in an ordinary house on a council estate.
Acklam and Linthorpe were proud to have been brought up on council estates or private rented housing.
On a council estate there is always a good community feeling and that is what I like.
Safrajur Rahman Jahingir, 23, was driving through a Sheffield council estate when two bullets were pumped into his body at close range.
The Minister, speaking before he arrived in Newcastle to visit a council estate, said on-the-spot fines will increase from pounds 50 to pounds 80 under the Clean Neighbourhoods Act which comes into force on Thursday.
A COMMUNITY centre being set up by the Duchess of York on a tough council estate had its windows shot out by a disgruntled local.
Residents on a North East council estate have been given their own house rent-free to use for addressing local problems.
Members are ploughing the prize cash into a joint venture with New Skelton and Hollybush Residents' Association and Action North Skelton to turn land on the edge of Hollybush Council Estate into a park area with a circular walk, planting and seating.
BUS services may be stopped on a North Wales council estate because residents are parking on pavements along the narrow roads within the estate.
Herd's mother, Suzanne, defended him, saying he's had it tough living on a council estate.
People who live on Whitehill council estate in Pelton Fell, near Chester-le-Street, County Durham, are distraught at plans to pull down hundreds of homes.
The youngsters run along rooftops on a council estate and leap between buildings like in the opening scenes of Casino Royale.
For a grandmother of eight, who only a few years ago was living penniless on a council estate near Sunderland, Quigley has come a long way.
TENANTS on a council estate who used to ignore the old woman with seven cats who said she was a "Lady" were amazed to discover she really was an aristocrat.
An inquest into the death of schoolgirl Laura Kane whose body was discovered in a house on a rundown council estate ten days after she disappeared from home was yesterday formally opened and adjourned at Durham's County Hall.
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