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an anticoagulant (trade name Coumadin) use to prevent and treat a thrombus or embolus

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Se realizo un estudio de cohorte de tipo retrospectivo, donde la cohorte expuesta fue los pacientes que se encontraban en terapia con warfarina generica, y la cohorte no expuesta aquellos pacientes en tratamiento con Coumadin.
However, since she was on Coumadin (warfarin sodium blood thinner) surgery had to be delayed for five days while the Coumadin was discontinued.
Booth again urges caution, saying that supplemental forms of menaquinones have not been studied sufficiently, especially for how they interact with drugs like Coumadin.
A lt's likely that your physician has prescribed the blood thinner Coumadin (warfarin) to help protect you from stroke, a risk among people with abnormal heart rhythms such as atrial fibrillation.
They also found that ginkgo does not interfere with the action of drugs like Coumadin.
Manufacturers of warfarin, the generic version of Coumadin, are to add similar information to their products' labeling, FDA said.
The actors attempted to purchase aspirin when they picked up Coumadin, and Sudafed PE with Toprol XL.
Dong quai and ginseng, which can cause heavy bleeding as well as problems for people on Coumadin.
residents use the inexpensive pills, which are sold as Coumadin, for example.
CHICAGO -- Necrotic skin lesions on a 49year-old man confused diagnosticians because they didn't fit the usual timing seen with necrotic reactions to Coumadin therapy, Dr.
The following day, July 11, the woman's physician received the lab results and ordered another anticoagulant medication, Coumadin 5 mg, to be given orally once, and ordered a recheck of the INR levels the following day.
As an anitcoagulant, Coumadin also affects hemostasis, and because many older patients often use both substances, the investigation of any synergistic effects on coagulation is important.
The Coumadin clinic, a unique service, allows patients to meet face-to-face with the center's specialists so they can monitor and regulate the anti-coagulating drug Coumadin, ensuring the best effects of the drug while minimizing its risks.
Unless you're taking blood-thinners like coumadin, your multi should have vitamin K, to reduce the risk of hip fractures.