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Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

Synonyms for friction

a state of conflict between persons


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the resistance encountered when one body is moved in contact with another

effort expended in moving one object over another with pressure

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Coulomb friction can cause problems in simulations due to the properties of sign function.
In addition, studies indicate that the conclusions of the theoretical considerations presented in section 3 are also valid for the discrete cascade control system of servo-drive with feed drive system model which takes into account the Coulomb friction (Fig.
In particular, to use the Coulomb friction model, it was important to use the same test materials, temperatures, and normal forces.
Static friction and sliding friction together constitute Coulomb friction.
In the fundamental Coulomb friction model, two contacting surfaces can undergo the tangential force to a value of the magnitude along their contact interface before starting to slide.
The author explains the frequency-domain approach for designing input-shaper/time-delay filters, the design of optimal command shapers through gradient-based and convex programming-based approaches, the minimax design of robust command shapers and state feedback controllers, and the control of vibratory systems subject to Coulomb friction.
Coulomb friction, or that which occurs between dry surfaces (Fig.