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Synonyms for hemoptysis

coughing up blood from the respiratory tract


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Lung cancer Symptoms: A new cough lasting longer than three weeks, a long-standing cough that gets worse, coughing up blood, unexplained breathlessness, weight loss, tiredness or chest pain.
Dr Al Saffar advised people to report to the nearest health centre if they noticed any TB symptoms such as weight loss, excessive coughing or coughing up blood and night fevers among others.
When he started coughing up blood, he booked an appointment with the doctor.
At first Karon Edwards thought her son had swallowed a pen lid, but when he started coughing up blood she immediately rang for an ambulance and the doctors were able to remove the scissors under anaesthetic.
Worsening of a long-standing cough or coughing up blood
But if a patient tells us that they have been coughing up blood our responsibility is to take that seriously and act on it.