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any medicine used to suppress or relieve coughing

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Food and Drug Administration reviewed all the data, including Paul's, and concluded that parents should not give cough medicines to children under 6.
There was no significant improvement for the children who took cough medicines with the active ingredients, and in the cough frequency category, the children who received placebo reported a 2.
said Wednesday it will recall a cough medicine and expectorant in view of an erroneous description in the directions inside the package.
The first product is an oven cleaner and the second is a cough medicine.
Giving an example of one of the cases that resulted in the death of 50 people in Pakistan in 2012, where a cough medicine that had an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) which was contaminated, was used, he said, "The patients were not saved, but because it was reported to us, we were able to save other patients who used the same medicine in Paraguay in 2013.
While OTC cough medicine and prescription drug numbers show progress, there is still much more we can do, and must continue to do, to stop the flow of young lives into risk," said Steve Pasierb, President and CEO of the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids.
New squad No19 Cristian Lopez is pictured in the striking yellow strip, which features the logo of Covonia - the cough medicine brand of club partners Thornton & Ross.
Treatment: Prescribed cough medicine may relieve symptoms.
Approximately 7 percent of high school-aged students say they've abused OTC cough medicine this year, the New York Daily reported.
And in one prosecution picture, what appears to be a cannabis pipe is next to a bottle of children's cough medicine.
Over-the-counter drug use has grown from modest to startling proportions over the last 18 months, Hedrick said, noting that one in 10 kids have reported using cough medicine to get high.
A study found that theobromine -- a derivative found in cocoa -- was nearly a third more effective in stopping persistent coughs compared to codeine, which is currently considered the best cough medicine.
Last night, Whittock hit out after an advert for cough medicine was placed during the show.
According to the country's leading drugs awareness group, one addict is swallowing 70 painkillers a day while another drinks an astonishing NINE LITRES of cough medicine a week.