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a medicated lozenge used to soothe the throat

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However, many are more concerned about the continued decline in sales of cough drops and cough syrups.
It produces a series of confectionery products, nutritional supplements and cough drops.
Parents who were strangers became friends sharing a common blood-related wonder as well as cough drops to soothe our cheering-worn throats.
While this is often so, a full 40 percent of the drugs behind the pharmacist's counter in the Western world are derived from plants that people have used for centuries, For instance, quinine from tree bark relieves malaria, and licorice from a root has been an ingredient in cough drops for more than 3,500 years.
A subsidiary of the conglomerate that made Vicks cough drops wanted to introduce the mild sedative to the United States.
Cadbury, with brands like Dairy Milk chocolate, Trebor mints and Hollywood and Dandy gum, will gain Adams' Trident and Dentyne chewing gums, Bubblicious bubble gum, Halls cough drops, Certs mints and Clorets breath fresheners.
Cough drops, hard candy, and breath mints stay in your mouth a long time and can be bad for your teeth, too (unless they are sugar-free).
Cough drops can be used by children six and older who understand not to swallow or chew cough drops.
A Vienna concert hall is offering free cough drops to concert- goers in a bid to stop them clearing their throats during performances.
In fact, koalas smell just like eucalyptus cough drops from eating all those leaves.
The Candy Buyers' Directory is a comprehensive reference source of candy, chocolate, confectionery, cough drops, etc.
the leading manufacturer of soothing herb cough drops from Switzerland, is encouraging consumers to trade in their sick days for well days by inviting them to "Call in Well.
Among the hip-hop star's non-edible requests: two dozen pink or white roses, candles with the scent of baked goods, Halls Mentho-Lyptus Honey Lemon Throat Cough Drops, contact lenses solution with case, two space heaters and a cool mist humidifier.
In addition to lottery tickets, they sell newspapers, tobacco products, snacks and candy, beverages and energy drinks, medicines, cough drops and cold remedies, skin/nail/hair.