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large American feline resembling a lion

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The newly sighted cougar may be the offspring of the mother cougar and sibling to the young male cat, both killed in March, according to officials who had been looking for a third cougar in the spring but were unable to trap the animal.
The Cougars are the third-best team in terms of points allowed per game with a 70.
That type of careful observation helped Quigley uncover some clues about the lives of young cougars.
The best available science confirms that female cougars are either pregnant or raising dependent cubs for more than 70% of their lives.
As we began the research, we admired the baby cougars.
One reason we are seeing more cougars is that there are more people nearby to see them.
When they are born, cougars have spots on their fur.
When the cougars arrive in Memphis, they will be transported directly to the Memphis Zoo where they will enter a 30-day quarantine at the Zoo's state-of-the-art animal hospital.
This widely criticized and inferior scientific work is trumped up by the ODFW to justify persecuting cougars in order to appease two groups: hunters who pay ODFW salaries, and livestock owners who don't bother to protect their animals.
Washington State (16-3, 5-2 Pac-10) is tied for third in the conference, remarkable since the Cougars have not finished in the top half of the Pac-10 standings since 1994-95, while Washington (11-7, 1-6) is tied for eighth.
That way the cougars would mate with Florida panthers, and produce offspring with both cougar and panther genes.
Fish and Wildlife Service, spent the early 1980s searching the southern Appalachians for verifiable signs of cougars.
Cougars aren't causing many problems for Oregonians or their property, and what few problems arise can be solved with little trouble.
With the Golden Cougars trailing 1-0 with one out and two on in the sixth, it appeared as though Ashford struck out swinging for the second out.
Such encounters between humans and cougars (also known as mountain lions, panthers, or pumas) used to be rare--because cougars themselves were rare.