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French psychotherapist who claimed that if one imagined one was getting better, one would get better (1857-1926)

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On the other hand, we can follow the prescription of the French psychologist Emile Coue, who recommended that we quietly repeat to ourselves over and over, "Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better.
French referee Bruno Coue ruled in favour of the Germans and then to add salt into England's wounds he harshly sent off Liverpool defender Stephen Wright for a 65th-minute challenge on substitute Bernd Korzynietz.
Positive affirmation ("I am better and happier every day") closing is the rule for each session, similar to Coue (1923), and with each client so that they can then take the recording from the session and review it at their convenience.
Coue urged that catechism, he also advocated looking at oneself in the mirror while chanting.
We are extremely pleased with the vote of confidence that La Poste has made with this contract," said Yves Coue, vice president, Southern Europe, and managing director of Pitney Bowes in France.
Ce n'est pas de la methode Coue, mais on se donne les moyens de faire revenir la croissance et, par la-meme, de faire mentir les Cassandre", dit une conseillere de Matignon.
French referee Bruno Coue, perfectly placed, waved play on as the Germans somehow smuggled the ball to safety.
Perhaps the best-known autosuggestion in the Western world is: "Day by day in every way I am getting better and better", by the 19th Century French physician, Emile Coue, who had great success treating physical and mental conditions.
AT THE BEGINNING of the 20th Century, a French pharmacist-turned-hypnotist-turned-self-motivationist, Emile Coue by name, believed that people would be happier and more productive if they could get to know and like themselves.
SVP South Europe/MEA/Asia: Stephane Coue (French, Paris)
Adepte de la methode Coue, le Bresilien de 33 ans est persuade que "les titres vont revenir".
French referee Bruno Coue, perfectly placed, waved play on when Tobias Willi hoofed Smith's header clear, but TV replays showed the ball had clearly crossed the line.
This small, unpretentious restaurant has been put on the gastronomic map by chef Thierry Coue.