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an idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television)

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This over-50s Major is the most interesting component of a Sky Sports quadruple-header, all live and giving couchpotato golf punters a brilliant excuse for not going to work for the next four days.
And the average annual spend per household on couchpotato snacks such as Pot Noodle, from Crumlin, where 155 million pots a year are produced, has increased from pounds 272.
He is a healthy child and far from being a couchpotato,he follows a good diet and says he is always on the go.
This week, overweight children between 11 and 17 can sign-up for the clinic in Walsall which aims to help them lose weight by swapping unhealthy couchpotato living for fun exercise and healthy family eating.
McConnell added: ``Their role will be to work in schools to increase theopportunities for physical activity, recruit pupils who will support and coach their fellow students, and help change Scotland's couchpotato culture for good.