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an idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television)

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After you set this up, whenever a movie which you wanted in CouchPotato becomes available, it is automatically downloaded and moved to the folder you want.
Es un medio que por sus cualidades tecnologicas no favorece las conductas de mero espectador o de couchpotato.
TELLY adventurer Bear Grylls is trying to get couchpotato kids off the sofa after it was revealed one in 10 never plays outside.
PR manager Steve Atkinson echoed Rutter's belief youth will be the key and thinks it could put an end to the couchpotato philosophy of today''s teenagers.
This over-50s Major is the most interesting component of a Sky Sports quadruple-header, all live and giving couchpotato golf punters a brilliant excuse for not going to work for the next four days.
And the average annual spend per household on couchpotato snacks such as Pot Noodle, from Crumlin, where 155 million pots a year are produced, has increased from pounds 272.