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an idler who spends much time on a couch (usually watching television)

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But the report was about research from Missouri University that suggests couch potatoes, notorious for their inclination to remain prone while eating crisps and drinking beer, may be lazy because of their genetic make up.
Couch potatoes, on the other hand, tend to pack the excess calories into a fatter waistline.
A class of couch potatoes doesn't necessarily make a society less sophisticated.
People think that because of their size they need loads of exercise, but greyhounds in particular are big couch potatoes.
YES "PE should be required or else most kids will become couch potatoes and will be fat, says Kristen Campbell, 13, a ninth-grader at Colony High School in Ontario, California.
But MOTW wasn't all highbrow: Gen X and baby boomer couch potatoes still fondly remember the tawdry Bad Ronald, the darkly comic The Girl Most Likely to .
ARMCHAIRS with flip-up foot rests are the ultimate accessory for couch potatoes.
Enter two outstanding 30-minute titles from Thinkeroo specifically designed to get fledgling couch potatoes ages 2 and older to get up on their feet and start moving to music.
Corrie slob Les Battersby (right), played by Bruce Jones, was joined by fellow cast members Nikki Sanderson and Jane Danson in a bid to encourage people not to be couch potatoes.
Corrie slob Les Battersby, played by Bruce Jones, was joined by actors Nikki Sanderson and Jane Danson in a bid to encourage people not to be couch potatoes.
So they challenged both couch potatoes and more active people to a mental test.
If the content was meant for consumption by average couch potatoes, how hard would it be to understand the concepts by reading them, with all the luxury of time to pause and chew on the difficult passages?
1 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) is kicking off National Physical Therapy Month in October with a game plan for couch potatoes to get in better shape by Super Bowl Sunday.
It's as if these less than perfect male couch potatoes think that anyone they don't fancy doesn't have a right to be on TV.
Evolution has failed to turn dogs into couch potatoes, computer game addicts, or other variations on sedentary themes--no self-respecting dog would shrug off a run.