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embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants


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Fruit a dry or fleshy drupe with 2 to many pyrenes; seeds with [+ or -] isodiametric testa cells; embryo with 2 cotyledons.
As a broad generalization, the author has observed that conifer species which produce two cotyledons possess cotyledonary buds and develop collars that sprout, whereas species which produce more than two cotyledons generally lack cotyledonary buds and functional collars and typically do not sprout (see Butts & Buchholz [1940] for conifer cotyledon numbers).
The cotyledons vary in taste among species, from sweet to bitter.
The model developed could explain about 83% of the variations in the o-diphenols of the cotyledons, suggesting that 17% of the variations were due to other factors not investigated in this work (Table 1).
The cotyledons and roots act as a sink for ILeVO, enabling the product to stay where it is needed to protect against early-season infection way in advance of SDS visual symptoms appearing in the field," said Jennifer Riggs, Bayer SeedGrowth product development manager.
The seedlings are well suited for local growers because microgreens are harvested just 7 to 14 days after germination when the cotyledons (seed leaves) have fully developed and before the true leaves have expanded.
Seeds were dissected under a stereomicroscope and the degree of the development of each embryo was assessed visually using a six-point scale (1--embryo length less than 1/4 of the seed length, embryo is heart-shaped; 2--embryo length ca 1/4 of the seed length, cotyledons and radicle of equal length; 3--embryo length ca 1/3 of the seed length, pronounced cotyledons and radicle; 4--embryo length ca 1/2 of the seed length, radicle twice as long as the cotyledons, cotyledons leafy; 5--embryo length 2/3 of the seed length; 6--embryo length nearly equal to the seed length).
The latter author stated his concept on metamorphosis on the basis of a series of expansion and compression processes of laminar organs (from cotyledons through carpels via eophylls, nomophylls, hypsophylls or bracts, sepals, petals, and stamens) along the same axis, which is essentially an anticipation of the concept of heterophylly.
Cell division and cell expansion in cotyledons of Arabidopsis seedlings.
Bean seeds have two cotyledons (the stored food) as well as the new baby plant called the embryo.
For the scientists making notes among you, you need to remove the testa, and keep the cotyledons.
The strip must be placed on brassica cotyledons as soon as possible, as some eggs may have hatched during shipping (Figure 2).
On the 8th day cotyledons were collected for the estimation of minerals and biochemical contents.