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embryonic leaf in seed-bearing plants


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curcas cultures: leaf, petiole, stem, cotyledons, epicotyls, hypocotyls, penduncle, nodal segments, apical shoots and axillary bud-derived shoots (Kaewpoo and Te-chato, 2009; Rajore et al.
Since aescin content in the zygotic embryo cotyledons of stored horse chestnut seeds was found to increase gradually, reaching the maximal value in January [18], we used the zygotic embryos at this stage as a control for comparison with our samples.
Seed germination was evaluated four, six, eight and 10 DAP, seedling establishment was assessed by hypocotyls length and cotyledon biomass and was evaluated 10 DAP.
In addition, a recent study also measured the force required to separate two soybean cotyledons as a function of the seed coat adhesion [4].
Main Concepts: Each seed is composed of an embryo, cotyledons, and a seed coat.
Using the description of pea morphological characteristics of Khvostova (1983), Miser is described as having white flowers, yellow cotyledons, an opaque seed coat color, and round seeds.
reducing sugars and the expansion of cotyledons under light conditions
The cotyledons are succeeded on the shoot by juvenile leaves, adult leaves, and finally reproductive tissue.
The plantlet growth occurred in the Petri dishes, whose upper filter paper has been removed at the third day after the germination beginning to allow the cotyledons photosynthesis.
Cotyledonary nodes excised from 5-d-old sterilized cucumber seedlings without fully expanded cotyledons were used as explants for pre-cultivation, according to the techniques described by Li et al.
After image analysis, the achenes were classified into three categories, based on internal structures: Full achenes with all the internal cavity filled by the cotyledons and embryo axis without damage; Malformed achenes with some abnormality in the morphology of the cotyledons or embryonic axis; and Empty achenes with the internal cavity fully translucent or having less than 50% of the tissues essential for germination.
However, the cultivation of explants in flasks with lower gas exchange was more effective in callus induction than regeneration, and hypocotyls were more effective than cotyledons in morphogenesis induction.
The cucumber cotyledons from 5-day-old plants were excised in dim green light, weighed and uniformly floated in 7-cm Petri dishes containing 5 mL of culture filtrate.
Fourth place: Polytech High School, Cotyledons Matthiew Erickson, Marie Medina, Kyrstal Mendez, Amanda Phillips and Zackary Hardy.