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Contracts define the terms of an investment project, and the way risks, costs and benefits are distributed but most contracts for large-scale land deals in Africa are negotiated in secret," report author, Lorenzo Cotula said.
Hosts in South Africa: Cicadellidae: Bonaspeia eriocephala (Cogan), Platentomus sobrinus (Stal), Recilia lobata (Linnavuori) (Olmi 2006); new records: Exitianus taeniaticeps (Kirschbaum); Recilia cotula (Cogan); Recilia dolabra Kramer (M.
Biosynthesis of anthecotuloide, an irregular sesquiterpene lactone from Anthemis cotula L.
Choose groundcovers In the place of lawn, Scanlon and Drees used ground huggers including catmint, Cotula 'Silver Mound', echeveria, Erigeron glaucus, sedum, and thyme.
Franco Cotula, Marcello De Cecco, and Gianni Toniolo, eds.
In our study we continue to use the long-term government debt rate as a measure of the yield on alternative assets over the whole sample, partly because the yield on newer assets such as the short-term Buoni Or dinari del Tesoro and medium-term Certificati di Credito del Tesoro actually shadows the long-term debt yield quite closely, as shown in Cotula [1989].
Regulatory Takings, Stabilisation Clauses and Sustainable Development Lorenzo Cotula
2008a, b) on the influence of resident and foreign AM on growth invasiveness of alien Anthemis cotula in Kashmir Himalaya vis-a-vis the effect of four common co-occurring neighbours, Conyza canadensis, Galinsoga parviflora, Sisymbrium loeselii and Daucus carota.
Anthemis cotula (stinking mayweed, dog fennel) is also a skin sensitizer and this effect has been attributed to anthecotulide (1) (Hausen et al.