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American basswood of the Allegheny region

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Individual tree weight equations for total green biomass and total merchantable pulpwood for plantation cottonwoods in eastern Arkansas.
We also included one type of vegetation with a mixed canopy of cottonwoods of intermediate age and height (6-12 m high) and Russian olive.
Today, the cottonwoods and the bosque ecosystem that depends on them face serious threats to their survival.
Cottonwoods have a special resonance for most Westerners, perhaps because the trees, called alamo in Spanish and commemorated in hundreds of western place names, mark the presence of water and the surprising diversity of life it nourishes in these thirsty landscapes.
Beschta found cottonwoods dating to the time of Lewis and Clark, others growing since the Civil War and still others born in the Roaring '20s.
COUNTRYSIDE: I would like to reply to the question by Jeffrey Jack and comments in the Jan/Feb 04 issue concerning cottonwoods.
A breeze rustles the leaves, and for a moment the cottonwoods, some more than 80 feet tall, seem to come alive, whispering secrets of the seasons gleaned from years of watching over the waters.
The eastern and swamp cottonwoods tend to be found in small stands in a range from southern New England to the Great Lakes region and south to Florida and Texas.
Grand Teton (Wyoming) - "In fall, aspens and cottonwoods ignite the landscape with glinting tints of bronze and gold (peak color arrives the last week of September).
Stalks of arundo and sweet-smelling eucalyptus trees choke out the cottonwoods.
If anyone has any information on cottonwoods being used for building I would appreciate it.
And, the water table has lowered, making it tougher for established cottonwoods to get moisture.
Now there's just a few old cottonwoods left, and when they're gone there will be nothing because the cows eat all the seeds.
Only in the Biosphere 2 facility, where temperature and CO2 can be carefully manipulated and the impact on coral and cottonwoods precisely measured, could an experiment like this be performed on such a large scale," said Dr.