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American basswood of the Allegheny region

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Because they often break branches to retrieve the distal catkins and seed pods, numerous Black Cottonwood trees in certain areas have many missing branches and, in some cases, the entire top of the tree has been reduced to a bare trunk and the tree may not produce flowers again for several years (MFW and others, pers.
On the Wednesday of my hunt week, I spent the evening in a platform overlooking a large alfalfa field with a grove of cottonwood trees and the Powder River behind me.
In the Southwest, the Hopi still carve statues of sacred beings called kachinas from the roots of the cottonwood tree, and Pueblo people hollow out cottonwood logs for ceremonial drums.
Case in point, the cottonwood tree (Populus deltoides) in the willow family.
Amidst painful pasts beginning to resurface and new secrets freshly buried, it would take a "knobby-kneed buckskin" mule, a cheap pocket knife and a lifeless Cottonwood tree to form a lasting friendship that would gray the stark lines between black and white and begin the delicate mending of family ties in the tender heart of a young boy.
Under the cottonwood tree in our back yard, we have a 10 x 10-ft.
A bald eagle glides by en route to its evening roost on the branch of a cottonwood tree.
These men also carve wooden replicas of the kachina they represent out of the root of the cottonwood tree.
A large, circular open-frame lodge is ritually constructed in imitation of the world's creation with a sacred cottonwood tree in the center that links sky and earth.
More, researchers published the genomes for apples, the western honey bee, the cottonwood tree, and Citrus Tristeza Virus (CTV), one of the largest threats to worldwide citrus production.
A boater on Wednesday morning reported a large cottonwood tree in the river, about a quarter-mile downstream from the landing.
I opted for a treestand that my buddy Mike Palmer and I had built in a huge cottonwood tree by a cattle tank.
This finding is consistent with data from a single eastern cottonwood tree (42 cm DBH) from Shupe et al.
A moderately effective lightning attractor (if you really want one) appears to be the cottonwood tree which is struck much more frequently than other trees of similar height in the same location.