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American basswood of the Allegheny region

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The best thing about the old cottonwood tree was the green ash and hack-berry trees growing side by side eight feet to the southwest.
Then, for no apparent reason, the doe plopped down next to a small cottonwood tree 40 yards away and the buck did the same.
As I float on my back beneath a cottonwood tree, I grasp a low branch.
With my stand positioned in a large cottonwood tree overlooking the trail, I had been waiting only about 15 minutes when a buck came trotting down the trail toward me.
A large cottonwood tree west of the freeway toppled over, snapping a power pole and causing the lines to fall onto the road.
Founded in 1878, Alamosa is the Spanish name for the cottonwood tree, a species that still flourishes along the nearby Rio Grande.
Homeowner concerns about a 95-foot-tall transmission tower surfaced last May when two nearby transmission towers collapsed after a cottonwood tree fell on transmission lines during a storm.
This excessive streamside grazing prevented willow and cottonwood tree growth along the river banks.
My big boots on the icy tree steps made climbing up a little difficult, and even though the stand was only 10 feet up in a cottonwood tree, it seemed to take forever for me to get into position.
He hunted over a scrape in a cottonwood tree grove.
Concern about the tower surfaced last May when two nearby towers collapsed after a cottonwood tree fell on transmission lines during a storm; one of the two collapsed towers fell on the home of Quail Run resident Peg Renkert.
The disagreement is the latest wrinkle in a series of events that began last May when a cottonwood tree fell on transmission lines during a storm, causing two concrete towers to collapse.
A thick cottonwood tree 30 yards downwind offered the perfect backdrop for my portable treestand.
Among her most memorable moments: the sight of a tiny nuthatch zinging past her and drilling straight into a tree hole without so much as a pause, or the time she watched an eagle feed a fish to its young nesting in the crotch of a cottonwood tree.
SPRINGFIELD - About 50 feet of an aged cottonwood tree crashed into the roof of a home under renovation and damaged a neighboring house Wednesday.