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White-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus), Eastern cottontail rabbits (Sylvilagus floridanus), and meadow voles (Microtus pennsylvanicus) have all been shown to preferentially browse or clip legumes in prairie or savanna ecosystems (Dusi, 1952; Bailey, 1969; Ritchie and Tilman, 1995; Howe and Lane, 2004; Sullivan and Howe, 2009).
A brain shot is quicker and more absolute, but the brains of squirrels and cottontail rabbits are so small that it's easy to miss altogether.
Enzootic transmission of Babesia divergens among cottontail rabbits on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.
So, in that spirit, brown bears become wild' boars, grizzly bears equal javelinas, polar bears are coyotes, Quebec-Labrador caribou are bobcats, Tule elk are fox, mountain goat are feral goats, bighorn sheep are feral rams (Merino, Barbary or Mouflon), Dall's sheep are cottontail rabbits, desert bighorns are jackrabbits and Stone's sheep are snowshoe hares.
Great Blue Herons are notorious for capturing and eating fairly large prey, including fish, ground squirrels, and cottontail rabbits (Bent 1926; Peifer 1979; Blus and others 1980).
At site 41MM340, three jackrabbits and six cottontail rabbits were selected for isotopic analysis.
WESTBORO - The state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife will conduct a statewide survey of cottontail rabbits this winter to assess the distribution and population of New England cottontails, the only cottontail rabbit species native to the Northeast and rarely seen.
The drive back to the main highway was enjoyable for seeing a flock of pronghorn antelope grazing in a meadow near the road, as well as slightly unnerving at the number of cottontail rabbits zipping back and forth across the blacktop.
Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) regulates the state's hunts, which range from big game like deer elk and antlerless deer to upland game that includes pheasants, quail, partridge, grouse, cottontail rabbits and several migratory game birds.
For every hunter who chooses to hunt with such a specialized shotgun, many more head for the deer woods with the same guns they used on pheasant, quail or cottontail rabbits.
22 rifle is capable of dispatching all of the smaller varmints that might be encountered on your homestead such as gophers, ground squirrels, cottontail rabbits, jack rabbits, tree squirrels, woodchucks, raccoons, possums and foxes.
Myxomatosis was first seen in laboratory rabbits in Uruguay in 1896 but the local cottontail rabbits were largely unaffected.
After the fire started Tuesday afternoon, the fast-moving flames and smoke sent deer, coyotes and cottontail rabbits scurrying for safer ground.
Bald eagles, American black ducks, seaside sparrows, cerulean warblers, black rails, New England cottontail rabbits and shortnose sturgeons all find a home there.