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Along with our other restoration works, planting cottongrass is crucial to prevent the bogs from deteriorating, and will hopefully provide the first step to their recovery".
Mr McCartney added: "I was delighted to kick off my own Volunteering Week by helping the National Trust volunteers plant cottongrass up on the moors above Marsden.
Mainly well-humified (40-50%, von Post 6-8) raised bog peat, represented by heath, Sphagnum, cottongrass and wood peat, suits for balneological purposes (Table 1).
The wet sedge/graminoid community is mainly tussock tundra formed by tussock cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum).
From the tiny subject of a white cottongrass blossom in a Netherlands wetland, to the UNESCO world heritage site Goreme Valley landscape; to a two-page photograph of a gorge canyon in Provence, France, "Nature: Art And Structure" is a truly impressive and memorable 215-page excursion of the beauty and wonder and natural artistry of the flora and fauna that the forces of nature have sculpted unassisted and unhindered by the hand of man.
This is supported by macrofossil analysis which recovered a heathland community assemblage dominated by hare's-tail cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum), at least seven different sedges (Carex sp.
One previous Laurentian researcher set up plot testing local species such as cottongrass.