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a fungus disease of cranberries

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You'll also need cotton pads, and eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil.
We made a clean sweep of three of them| YSL Top Secrets Toning And Cleansing Water, PS24 THIS promises to remove light make-up and I had my doubts as I splashed it on the cotton pad as it just looked like water.
Nothing complicated or scientific - just a damp cotton pad to wipe the crud off then dry the area well.
Spritz a mild formula (try Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner, $8, drugstores) on a cotton pad and dab it all over your face.
Simply soak a cotton pad with very warm water and gently press to lashes to loosen mascara, before washing your face as usual.
In a pinch, you can apply dry from a packet with alcohol on a cotton pad to change the color of a shoe.
Next, the PEP were wiped with a 4-by-4-inch clean cotton pad wetted with sterile buffer.
Use a breathable adhesive tape (sometimes labeled as first-aid tape), or use moleskin, an adhesive-backed cotton pad.
Kim Ji-won shared her secret tip to soothe her overheated skin from sun exposure: 'I drink a lot of water and put a cold cotton pad dipped in ampoule on each cheek to soothe my skin.
Sweep this lightweight bronze lotion over your face, using a cotton pad for a golden glow in a matter of seconds, which can be built up daily and leaves skin feeling nourished.
For example, a wide range of cotton pad products were available, of various thickness and absorbencies, to better cater to varied user needs.
The handy product removes make-up and cleanses, with an easy application that only requires you to push a cotton pad on the lid, and wipe across your face, no rinsing need.
According to China Press, the 38-year-old maid put a soiled cotton pad into tea bags used to make soup, reports Star Online.