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a textile mill for making cotton textiles

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Awan Textile Mills Ltd, Taga Pakistan Ltd, Pakistan Dairies Ltd, Regal Ceramics Ltd, Junaid Cotton Mills, Alif Textile Industries, Apex Fabric, Myfip Video Industries, Mehran Jute Mills, Azmat Textile Mills, Bahawalpur Textiles Mills and Kaiser Arts & Krafts Mills.
Local broadcaster and journalist Freethy sent out word by radio and television, and was contacted by 500 people ready to recount their experience in the county's cotton mills.
The cotton mills of Leicestershire represented amoremanageable alternative.
Moreover, it obscures the issues it tries - and fails - to depict, namely the real horrors of slavery and the conditions suffered by workers in the cotton mills.
After 1979, living up to her Milk Snatcher title, we saw the withdrawal of Customs staff at the ports and the subsequent rise in drugs, the closure of the cotton mills and Draconian attacks on the mining industry.
For many years she worked in cotton mills in Webster and Millbury.
Shanghai was always at the front of modernism and mechanisation, from the first cable communications and cotton mills, to cars and trams.
This now-prestigious community of million-dollar homes once housed industrial workers from Atherton Cotton Mills.
They are one of the oldest surviving social movements in the world, beginning in 1844 after a group of weavers in the cotton mills of Rochdale, England, decided to open their own store rather than continue to endure miserable working conditions and low wages.
Last year this position was occupied by Babri Cotton Mills Limited.
Although it is centered on the history of labor struggles in the textile mills of Fall River, Massachusetts, her tale ranges across southern New England to take in unfolding events from the cotton mills of Rhode Island's Blackstone Valley to the meeting rooms of Boston labor activists, such as Ira Steward, who led the nineteenth-century campaign for the eight-hour work day.
1895: Leroy Springs (1861-1931), son-in-law of Samuel Elliott White, establishes Lancaster Cotton Mills in Lancaster, S.
ATLANTA -- The loss of hundreds of mature trees may be the most lasting insult left by a March 13-14 tornado that devastated historic Cabbagetown, but an effort by CSX and Alliance for Community Trees from 8:30 am - 12 noon on Saturday, November 14 at the Fulton Cotton Mills at 170 Boulevard Drive may help undo at least a little bit of the damage.