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Synonyms for cotton

to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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This is an expected outcome as the greater aspect ratio of the cotton linters in CGW relative to that of the wood particles is expected to provide higher strength values.
Ferraro stated, "Although cotton linter pulp is an important part of Buckeye's specialty pulp business, we can no longer economically justify operating this high fixed cost facility which has seen its economic position deteriorate considerably from the large rise in the Euro over the past two years.
cotton crop coupled with a depressed market for cottonseed oil has resulted in decreased production of cotton linters.
McAllister is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and has an extensive background in cotton linter specialty pulps.
The long cotton linters that are retained on the hulls, when incubated in sacco and in vitro for periods varying from 12 to 120 h, show a delayed digestibility after colonization.
The key drivers are the elevated costs of wood pulp and cotton linters as well as the impact of curtailed production capacity as a major producer exited from the industrial NC market.
Growing demand for nitrocellulose, coupled with wood pulp production issues and harvest disappointments with cotton linters, have created a difficult situation in 2010 that is not expected to improve in 2011.
Cotton linters typically have higher aspect ratio than commercial wood flour fiber, and high aspect ratio leads to higher strength properties in WPC (Stark and Rowlands 2003).
No major differences were found between TA and PA or TL and PL, suggesting that the 100% pure cotton linters paper did not interfere with the analysis.
Viscose fiber is made through chemical processing of natural timber, bamboo chips, cotton linters, etc.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Bleached Cotton Linters , As Per Jss 8303-14: 2009 (Rev-3) Quantity.
Based on a natural polymer, the company's cellulose derivatives are sourced from wood pulp or cotton linters.
Cotton linters are fine, silky fibers which adhere to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning.
Household dust is a mixture of fibers from different types of fabrics, cotton linters, feathers and other stuffing materials.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Bleached Cotton Linters, As Per Jss 8303-14: 2009 (Rev-3) For Nc Plant At O.