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Synonyms for xerostomia

abnormal dryness of the mouth resulting from decreased secretion of saliva

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I couldn't get my mouthpiece in sometimes because I had cotton mouth.
Bringing down a widow-maker was terrifying; my cotton mouth made spitting impossible, and my gritting teeth made my mouth appear overly large.
Alcohol dilates blood vessels in the brain (contributing to headaches), acts as a diuretic (causing cotton mouth from dehydration), wreaks havoc with blood sugar (triggering dizziness and fatigue) and is irritating to the intestinal tract (causing stomach upset).
Watching his son post the fifth-best throw in the first flight and then waiting helplessly to see how many of the 19 throwers in the second flight surpassed it gave Rafer Johnson a worse case of cotton mouth than the pole vault ever did.
The cotton mouth, the closed throat, the panicked look in the eyes - she had the full set.