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Trim lavender, cotton lavender and curry plant lightly with shears.
Cotton lavender, or Santolina chamaecyparissus, is a dwarfing shrub with lovely leaves and flowers that can be trained into a small hedge.
Prune silver-leafed shrubs such as the curry plant, lavender and cotton lavender, either just trimming or, if necessary, cutting straggly shoots back to six inches.
If you're an admirer of aromatic plants, there are several that combine a pungent aroma with striking silvery foliage - namely the cotton lavender and curry plants.
Prune shrubby herbs such as cotton lavender, bay and rue, to encourage new growth and side-shoots.
Then interweave odd rows of grey-leafed cotton lavender.
QTHERE is a straggly cotton lavender sitting at the front of my flowerbed.
The best evergreen plants are dwarf box, buxus sempervirens suffruticosa and santolina or cotton lavender, which has felted silvery grey foliage that's also scented.
In borders mix lilies in among white or pale-coloured roses, silver-leaved cotton lavender and artemisias or plant them through a carpet of ground-hugging lambs' ears or Stachys byzantina and Lamium macculatum White Nancy.
For a striking contrast to silver leaves, such as those provided by cotton lavender or santolina go for the red buds and berries of the green leaved skimmias.
The santolinas, or cotton lavenders, make neat mounds of silvered foliage, topped in summer by yellow pom-pom flowers.