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Synonyms for cotton

to live or act together in harmony

to support slavishly every opinion or suggestion of a superior

Synonyms for cotton

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The experimental study presented in this paper was focused on the analysis of the hydrophobic treatment on cotton fabrics.
Noteworthy wrinkle resistance was demonstrated by cotton fabrics treated with aqueous ammonia-neutralized MSO (NMSO).
So they set out to develop a new cotton fabric that cleans itself when exposed to ordinary sunlight.
When cotton fabric that had been treated with 10 alternating layers of each chemical was exposed to a flame for 10 seconds, the fabric blackened but didn't burn up, Grunlan says.
Retailer of high-end men's clothing is looking for cotton fabric to manufacture shirts and guayabera with Alberino brand-name.
Figure 8 shows SEM images of cross-sections of hybrid PTFE/ cotton fabric composites unfilled, filled with 5 wt% Ti[O.
The wheels for pipe thread grinding are made from multiple layers of non-woven cotton fabric and either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide abrasives which are laminated, pressed, and bonded together.
Cotton fabric used was a plain weave fabric of 100% cotton yarn of 20 tex and surface mass 125 g/[m.
Calico, a patterned cotton fabric, originated in the city of Calicut (now known as Kozhikode) in what major cotton-producing country in South Asia?
Strawberry print PVC-coated cotton fabric (suitable for blind), pounds 13/metre, Laura Ashley (0871 230 2301)
And cats taking up residence in stacked ``kitty condos'' made of wood and cotton fabric, which come in mix-and-match shades and can retail for as much as $229.
Turner from the Cotton Coalition were playing with a new concept related to integrating cyclodextrins (the odor eating material found in Febreze fabric spray) into their woven cotton fabric.
4) Old ribbon-work usually has a piece of cotton fabric basted to the back of the silk foundation fabric to make it firm and easy to sew.
Researchers at Hong Kong Polytechnic University coated cotton fabric with titanium dioxide (chemical with one titanium and two oxygen atoms).
Other TXA-sponsored activities for ACS Day have included stain-and-wash comparisons of stain-resistant and non-stain-resistant carpeting, responses of cotton (cellulose) and wool (protein) fibers to acid dyes (Kool-Aid), studies of detergency using cotton fabric soiled with four foods washed in two different detergents, and explanation of the method in which polyethylene terephthalate (PET) soda bottles are recycled into fibers for carpeting, clothing, and building materials.