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a peasant farmer in the Scottish Highlands


fastener consisting of a wedge or pin inserted through a slot to hold two other pieces together

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As for the cottars, they had no open field land or small holding.
Because they were poor, cottars often turned to making things to sell or developed skills which were needed in their settlement.
The more well-known band is the Cottars, two pairs of teenage siblings: Ciaran and Fiona MacGillivray and Roseanne and Jimmy MacKenzie.
The following year, official findings were published in the Report and Evidence of the Commissioners of Inquiry into the Conditions of the Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.
Cottars, in particular, continued to agitate well into the twentieth century.
Report of Her Majesty's Commissioners of Inquiry into the Condition of the Crofters and Cottars in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland With Appendices.
The crofting and cottar population of the Highlands and Islands, small though it be, is a nursery of good workers and good citizens for the whole empire.
Therefore in order to prevent further mischief and that he the said Robert Moncur and his wife and others in the neighbourhood may not be in continual terror and hazard from the said William Bran, the session judge it proper that he be shackled and secured in a house and maintained by the parish, for which they reckon it would be requisite that a peck of meal be paid in to the said Robert Moncur by every farmer for every pleughs labouring in his own land, half a peck by everyone having half a pleughs labouring and a lipie by each cottar and grassman within the parish for maintenance of the said William Bran for one year, and ordains the minister to intimate this to the congregation.