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small-scale industry that can be carried on at home by family members using their own equipment

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He suggested that aggressive efforts should be made to promote handicraft and cottage industries by establishing new industrial estates and cottage industry villages for bringing together the cottage industry at one place.
Government policy towards small-scale and cottage industries
For the development of cottage industries on a widespread scale, it is obvious that political and economic power is necessary.
Around 428 acres land was allocated for cottage industries over 30 year ago, but the process stopped due to some problems.
It was 40 years ago this week that JFK ventured into Dallas - better- known those days as the City of Hate - and left in a coffin, spawning twin cottage industries of Camelot worship and conspiracy theories.
It is the Bywater's policy to buy directly from family-run cottage industries rather than large manufacturers.
The problem with cottage industries is that no price is too cheap when you're working from home and your only overhead is a jar of instant coffee.
That would be a great shame because it would hit cottage industries in Powys harder than it would hit the giant multinationals.
The hotel, under expansion to bring its guest room total to 100, employs more than 120 local residents, many of them working in cottage industries set up by the hotel.
New England's Toy Box contains a diverse selection environmentally-friendly children's gifts, most of them made in small-scale cottage industries, which support local New England economies.
The total result is part working studio, part doll's house delight, and a functional and social model for Singapore's cottage industries of the future.
Cottage Industries, a Mobile company, would like to reverse that trend by serving those of Irish descent living in the United States as a new source of connection with the Ireland from which their ancestors came.
To a great degree, these department clinical information systems arose as cottage industries within the medical center, responding to requirements primarily from the perspective of the controlling clinical department.
Transfer, Adoption, and Diffusion of Technology for Small and Cottage Industries.
UiTM started out in 1956, as Dewan Latihan RIDA, a training center under the supervision of the Rural Industrial Development Authority (RIDA) that provided short courses in commerce and cottage industries to rural youths.