Cotswold Hills

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a range of low hills in southwestern England


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After crossing the northern end of the Cotswold Hills, it meanders across the lowland fens of Lincolnshire and the flat Vale of York before climbing over the Pennine hills to reach England's highest market town at Alston in Cumbria.
Inside the surrounding Cotswold hills and directly over Cheltenham's packed amphitheatre.
Security guards patrolled the grounds of the 15th-century castle, set amid the Cotswold hills.
New Blueberry presse blends the juices of these indigo-coloured fruits with the juice of aronia berry and pure spring water from the Cotswold Hills.
Nestling in the Cotswold hills in Gloucestershire, the garden occupies 25 acres and the farm more than 1000.
White has developed a collection of mixed-media pieces, drawing inspiration from her former home in the English Cotswold Hills.
Of course, the rolling Cotswold hills are gorgeous.
Charles, dressed in white shirt, bib and trademark blue hunting jacket, set off across the Cotswold Hills on Saturday morning.
The decision to put the dining hall on the first floor to take advantage of the views beyond the car park towards the Cotswold hills to the east, results in an inward-looking space.
The cottage is in a beautiful location, nestling at the foot of Meon Hill in the pleasant tract of country that lies between Stratford-upon-Avon and the Cotswold Hills.
Local produce currently in stock includes beef, lamb and game, plus Gorsehill Abbey cheeses, from a farm at the feet of the Cotswold hills.
79/500ml bottle available Tesco HOOK Norton Brewery of Oxfordshire was established in 1849 and this family-owned brewer still brews its beers in a steam-powered Victorian brewery set in the Cotswold Hills.
The route follows the eastern edge of the Cotswold Hills, with great views over the rolling countryside of the Heart of England.
Raced over 2m 1f, it's another opportunity to see how Noble Prince is getting on in the build up to March's eagerly-awaited festival in the shadow of the Cotswold Hills.
A team of security guards patrolled the grounds of the 15th-century castle, set amid the Cotswold hills.