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the world's largest active volcano

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Por consiguiente, el objetivo de este trabajo fue determinar los parametros de referencia para los principales indicadores bioquimicos del venado cola blanca (Odocoileus virginianus ustus) en el parque nacional Cotopaxi, Ecuador.
The Avenue of Volcanoes, culminating in Cotopaxi, is in which country?
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According to Pedro Cieza de Le'f3n, who chronicled the Spanish conquistadors' arrival in the Incan Empire, when Pedro de Alvarado entered the land that is now Ecuador in 1534, the Cotopaxi volcano erupted, sending massive gusts of fire and ash into the air, practically reducing the soldiers themselves to dust.
QUITO, Ecuador, Dhu-AlQa'dah 03, 1436, August 18, 2015, SPA -- Ecuadorean authorities said Monday that up to 325,000 people live in areas that could be threatened by fast-moving mud and rock flows if there is a major eruption of the Cotopaxi volcano, AP reported.
The Cotopaxi volcano stands 5,897 meters high and is 45 kilometers south of the capital Quito.
We've enjoyed our share of high-altitude hiking and touring, the highest a couple of years ago in the Atacama Desert in Northern Chile (17,000 feet), in Ecuador outside of Quito (and we plan to return in a couple of months to hike around Volcan Cotopaxi there, but not climb), as well as last June in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco.
Despite their disabilities, they have climbed some of the tallest and most technical mountains in the world including, Cotopaxi (19,374 ft.
We were only 15 minutes outside Quito the next day when we caught sight of our destination, 19,347ft Cotopaxi, one of the world's tallest active volcanoes.
It also included a visit to Cotopaxi Volcano national park where you can drive to the end of the road (the climbers start here, at 15,320 feet) for a close-up look at Cotopaxi's icy, 19,460-foot summit.
Visitors may head to Cotopaxi National Park for a variety of adventure activities and to observe nearby volcanoes.
In addition, the new airport is expected to transform export and provide travel connections to several tourist destinations, such as Quito, the Galapagos and Cotopaxi.
Seguidamente Breton considera que pese a las transformaciones rotundas provocadas por la Reforma Agraria en esta zona, la constitucion de organizaciones como Mushuk Patria, conocida mas tarde como la Union de Organizaciones Campesinas del Norte de Cotopaxi (Unocanc), la implementacion de proyectos de desarrollo y el inicio de la participacion etnica en la escena politica, el antiguo regimen hacendatario se resiste a desaparecer.
Tracks will also connect Ecuador's famed 5900m-high volcano Cotopaxi and the Nariz del Diablo (Devil's Nose), claiming the steepest (and most hair-raising) stretch of railway in the western world.