Cotoneaster horizontalis

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deciduous flat-growing shrub with a fanned herringbone pattern and having reddish flowers and orange-red berries

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DELICATE: Lily-ofthe valley ALL WHITE: Snow-insummer flowers SUNNY: Hypericum calycinum BIT OF ROUGE: Flowering sedums, and inset, Cotoneaster horizontalis
europaeus (spindle tree), deciduous berberis species, hamamelis (witch hazel), vaccinium (blue berries), rhus typhina (stag's horn sumach), fothergilla (witch alder) and cotoneaster horizontalis.
The fishbone pattern of Cotoneaster horizontalis branches is well known, and it sets numerous scarlet berries which linger well into autumn.
Many of the delicate flowered Cistus do well while Fuchsia magellanica, Euonymus fortunei, Escallonia, elaeagnus and the dwarf species of cotoneaster such as Cotoneaster horizontalis should fit the bill too.
Ideal shrubs are varieties of ornamental quince or chaenomeles, Cotoneaster horizontalis, pyracanha, winter jasmine and the self-clinging climbing hydrangea.
The fishbone cotoneaster, Cotoneaster horizontalis, with small white spring flowers and red autumn berries, will grow faster, hugging the shape of the wall.
Choose a ground-cover plant such as Cotoneaster horizontalis and you'll be able to enjoy really attractive berries as well as the neat foliage.
ONE of the most common, yet most desirable, garden plants is the all-season shrub cotoneaster horizontalis.
Cotoneaster horizontalis flowers freely and sets scarlet berries which remain after the leaves have turned bronze and dropped.
Cotoneaster horizontalis too should never be overlooked.
For impact, plant it alongside Cotoneaster horizontalis, which has crimson foliage and red berries in autumn.
Try Cotoneaster horizontalis which produces flowers in spring followed by red berries and vivid autumn colour.