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Fennel with Cotinus coggygria Purpureus Group, crocosmia and Aster | 'Little Carlow' at Glebe Cottage.
Rhus (stags horn sumach), cotinus (smoke bush), prunus (cherry) and betula (silver birch) offer brilliant autumn colour on all soils.
Take soft and semi-ripe cuttings using non-flowering shoots of shrubs such as cotinus, potentilla, hydrangea and rosemary.
They've made fine plants and can be hidden in the undergrowth or stood on upturned pots for extra height so their glamorous flowers can be seen rising from clumps of other vividly coloured flowers or mingling with the bronze foliage of cotinus or cannas.
To show it off it needs subtle companions - tall molinia, Cotinus 'Grace' or the grey leaves of elaeagnus 'Quicksilver'.
com), adds a pop of vibrant yellow that echoes the golden leaves of Cotinus coggygria 'Golden Spirit', while its whimsical orange blooms play off a 'Big Red' kangaroo paw, burgundy-leafed C.
The presence of purple-leaved cotinus, sambucus and vitis seem not to detract from the sizzling colour scheme.
Next to cotinus coggyria royal purple, it looks stunning.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Cotinus The cotinus, or smoke bush as it is commonly known, is a vigorous, mound-forming deciduous shrub which provides much-needed rich colour and texture at this time of year.
Magnolias are turning the colour of lemon peel, rowans are claret and brown, while the dark- leaved smoke-bush, Cotinus, is going for an extraordinary day-glo crimson .
I guessed it might have been Cotinus coggygria but a reader has another promising suggestion - a lovely plant that deserves a plant-of-the-week spot.
take | hardwood cuttings on shrubs such as cotinus, cornus, salix and roses.