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Thus, while the display of the Pink-throated Becard rivaled that of many polygamous, lekking Pipridae and Cotingidae species, displays by Platypsaris appear to serve to attract social mates, and/or to maintain pair bonds or communicate breeding status between pairs.
Of the 25 genera presently included in the Cotingidae, description of the nest is unavailable for five of them (Snow 2004, Belmonte-Lopes et al.
The bellbird genus Procnias is clearly imbedded within the Cotingidae (Prum 2000, Ohlson et al.
cinnamomeiventris 1 1 Hemitriccus granadensis 1 1 Cotingidae Ampelion rubrocristatus 1 1 Tityridae Pachyramphus versicolor 1 1 Corvidae Cyanolyca armillata 1 3 Troglodytidae Troglodytes solstitialis 13 1-3 (1.
The Cotingidae is one of the most emblematic bird families endemic to the Neotropics and, according to Remsen et al.
This differs from the behavior commonly found in the Cotingidae, where females care for nestlings (Snow 2004).
Descriptions of some new genera of Tyrannidae, Pipridae, and Cotingidae.