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a republic in western Africa on the Gulf of Guinea

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Covering Senegal, Mali, Cote d'lvoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, and South Africa, this volume offers unique perspectives on the presence and development of hip hop and other music in Africa and their place in global music culture.
A collaborative study from colleagues at Tygerberg Hospital and the departments of Pediatrics and Haematology at the University Hospital of Treichville, Abidjan, offers insight into the status of oncology services in Cote d'lvoire.
and Janis of Charlton and Wayne and Melody of Charlton and Korhogo, Cote D'lvoire, Africa.
Passiflorafoetida is a medicinal plant used by population in the south of Cote d'lvoire to cure infertility in women (N'Guessan, 2008; 1995).
Using a two-stage, stratified design, the survey systematically sampled households in urban and rural areas of Burkina Faso, Cote d'lvoire, The Gambia, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Mauritania, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Togo; sample sizes ranged from 5,890 to 24,566.
Teuscher (2004) Rice irrigation and Schistosomiasis in savannah and forest areas of Cote d'lvoire.
Unfortunately, these 1984 words still ring true today, a perennial problem that has created a deep sense of despair in the hearts and souls of people in nations such as Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Cote d'lvoire, Sierra Leone, Uganda and the Congo.
In the previous six months, UN missions had overseen an unexpectedly smooth independence referendum in South Sudan, guided Haiti through controversial elections, and weathered four months of postelectoral violence in Cote d'lvoire.
Guemas is the driver behind CargilPs successful Farmer Field Schools, working in close partnership with NGOs and governments and has worked extensively in Cote d'lvoire.
This war-torn nation, also known as Cote d'lvoire, produces 34 percent of the world's cocoa--the principal ingredient in chocolate.
1) Laboratory of Biochemistry and Food Science, UFR Biosciences, University of Cocody-Abidjan, 22 BP 582, Abidjan 22, Cote d'lvoire
5 2 Burkina Faso 9 10 9 14 2 4 Cape Verde 4 21 18 10 2 11 Cote D'lvoire .
Recently, as an advisor to an international conference to launch an ambitious laboratory-accreditation project, I was in the unique position of helping to point a dozen countries--which include Botswana, Cameroon, Cote d'lvoire, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia--in the right direction to continuous improvement in quality testing.
Antiretroviral therapy in pregnant women with advanced HIV disease and pregnancy outcomes in Abidjan, Cote d'lvoire.