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the world's largest active volcano

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Texas Flowers was formed by Midcap siblings in 1994 with the purchase and development of a 50-acre property in the foothills of Cotapaxi, the highest active volcano in the world, the location of Ecuador's thriving global cut-flower industry.
nCountessmarkievicz got on top in the final furlong to beat Gers Gold by a cosy length and a half in mile handicap, while Cotapaxi also had a fair bit in hand when beating Brownsfield by two lengths in the claiming race.
His other children include, Richard Jackson of Falls Church, VA; Kevin Jackson of Hyde Park, UT; Pamela Sadler of Cotapaxi, CO; Roberta Trefts of Bejing, China; twenty-one grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.
Forty-nine teams and 245 competitors hiked, oriented, mountain biked, rafted, canoed, rode horseback and kayaked for more than 10 days and 350 miles from latitude 0 degrees to the grassy plains through the "Avenue of the Volcanos," where the teams ascended the 19,000-foot active volcano, Cotapaxi, and then came back down through the rain forest, trekking and paddling to the ocean and the finish line.
THE price includes two nights at Hotel Patio Andaluz in Quito and an overnight stay at Hacienda Pinsaqui in Otavalo, as well as two nights at the Napo Wildlife Centre in the Amazon rainforest, two nights in the Cotapaxi National Park, two nights in Cuenca and a night in Ecuador's second city, Guayaquil.