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a member of a North American Indian people living in coastal California between Monterey and San Francisco Bay

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a Penutian language spoken by the Costanoan

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These waters have been feeding voyagers for thousands of years, since the Costanoan, an early Native American tribe, used tule-reed boats to harvest mollusks and hunt seals in the bay.
These attracted landscape architect George Hargreaves who compares the freeway system to ancient rivers like the Guadalupe River in San Jose that once nurtured the Costanoan Indians but now is controlled in a series of parks designed by Hargreaves in this capital of high-tech industry.
They included the Diegueno (Kumeyaay/Ipai/ Tipai), Luiseno, Juaneno (Acjachemen), Gabrielino (Tongva), Chumash, Salinan, and Costanoan (Ohlone).
Marlo has recruited dozens of compassionate and talented Latitude employees to volunteer for 'Children's Charity Challenge' triathlon relays, Camp Costanoan events, and numerous other vital programs on Via's behalf.
Continue on as the trail winds into a forest of Monterey pine and comes out into a clearing where members of the Costanoan tribe once lived.
Bohakel, The Indians of Contra Costa County: The Costanoan and Yokuts Indians (Amarillo, TX: P & H.
The Indians living in the immediate vicinity of San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo (Carmel Mission) were of the Ohlone group (or "tribelet"), whom the missionaries indiscriminately called Costanoans.