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Yet the life expectancy of the average Costa Rican is virtually the same as the average American's: 76.
There are Brazilians and more Costa Ricans, Koreans, Mexicans and Australians -- and there's a guy from Ivory Coast.
Life for Costa Ricans who lived near the border had become dangerous and unpleasant, he asserted, but his protests went unanswered.
The Costa Rican government has steadily increased its spending on law enforcement agencies since 2002 with an average 16 percent growth per year.
From its Costa Rican facilities, Establishment Labs is involved in every stage of the production of breast implants, including a patented radiofrequency technology.
Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis, who participated in the signing ceremony, said the proposed geothermal projects "will not interfere with territory in national parks.
The Dutch had obviously prepared for a possible penalty shoot-out and the move to bring in Tim Krul to man the goal proved to be well-thought of as he proved himself well by saving two attempts by the Costa Ricans from Ruiz and Urena.
What mostly upset Costa Rican authorities was TeleSUR's statement, in the report, that the US "has, in Costa Rica, 46 warships, 200 helicopter gunships, six Harrier combat planes, one aircraft carrier, and 13,000 marines.
Many Costa Ricans worry that an eagle is replacing the dove of peace.
In addition to voting for president, Costa Ricans cast ballots for two vice presidents, 53 Congress members and 495 council members.
Due to the rough terrain and lack of roads, local residents needing emergency care face a three-hour trip by horseback to the nearest medical facilities, across the border in Panama where medical care is not guaranteed to Costa Ricans.
But the administration of Costa Rican President Laura Chinchilla has said that, as a result of the present dispute, Nicaraguan authorities have made navigation difficult for Costa Ricans.
5 million Costa Ricans between the ages of 18 and 35; of these, 360,000 are neither studying nor working.
Ticos, as Costa Ricans are commonly known, know their country is a special place and go out of their way to accommodate visitors, pointing them in the right direction, explaining the local customs and helping to ensure an enjoyable stay.