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productive relative to the cost

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reported: "As NIPT identifies more fetal trisomies than FTS[first trimester screen], a NIPT unit cost of $665 allows a cost per trisomy case identified to be equivalent to that of FTS," in Prenatal Screening for Fetal Aneuploidies with Cell-free DNA in the General Pregnancy Population: A Cost-effectiveness Analysis.
Population-level cost-effectiveness analysis (PLCEA) is defined as the ratio of incremental population-level costs and incremental population-level effectiveness.
Primary prevention of acute rheumatic fever and rheumatic heart disease with penicillin in South African children with pharyngitis: A cost-effectiveness analysis.
A cost-effectiveness analysis (versus examining the efficacy of screening in reducing morbidity and mortality exclusively) determines whether financial considerations should be limited to direct cost only (i.
While gross pathologic analysis may seem like the next best alternative to putting every specimen under the microscope, incremental cost-effectiveness analysis reveals that it is the worst option.
19] about the prospective Cost-Effectiveness Analysis of Cetuximab in Metastatic Colorectal Cancer.
Critical appraisal techniques are examined in depth, as are evaluation of public health programmes and cost-effectiveness analysis.
of this valuable reference features 724 new terms, bringing the total to 2310, and many new additions, including greater and more consistent use of cross-references, a larger bibliography, an appendix listing cost-effectiveness analysis studies, and both subject and name indexes.
Cost-effectiveness analysis of unsafe abortion and alternative first-trimester pregnancy termination strategies in Nigeria and Ghana.
In addition, in its proposed rule, the agency's approach to cost-effectiveness analysis will discourage other states from implementing water quality regulations on their own.
The protocol also reported that the trial collected secondary outcomes and conducted a cost-effectiveness analysis.
Mark Pauly, a professor in the Department of Health Care Systems at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, advocates "a bottom-up strategy in which the plan set a target level for spending growth and then used cost-effectiveness analysis to choose the set of new technologies whose cost fit within the limit and which maximized the number of new QALYs delivered.
The study results were limited to 8-week acute-phase treatment of depression and did not include a formal cost-effectiveness analysis, but the researchers suggested that sertraline might be the first choice financially in most countries because of its lower cost.
Liquid-Based Techniques for Cervical Cancer Screening; Systematic Review and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis (posted April 28, 2008)
In increasing order of complexity they are: cost-effectiveness analysis; weighted cost-effectiveness analysis (sometimes referred as to cost-utility analysis); and cost-benefit analysis.