cost-benefit analysis

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an analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs

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The entire process took longest with the rules involving cost-benefit analyses, and the economically significant rules had a combined cost of $7 billion and benefits of $11 billion.
Twenty-nine states and the District of Columbia had mixed results, using cost-benefit analyses but less effectively or consistently.
Instead, the discounting practices in EPA's Clear Skies Initiative (106) and Nonroad Diesel-Engine Rule (107) show that questionable cost-benefit analyses may be becoming more commonplace at EPA.
The contrast between the sophistication of the cost-benefit analyses of ordinary regulations and the crudeness of the cost-effectiveness analyses of transfer regulations could not he greater, but there is no reason for that difference in practice.
Concentrating on the development of cost-benefit analyses can be considered a strategic opportunity in an era of growing expectations for public accountability.
Traditionally, OIRA has had fairly minimal interactions with submitting agencies as they prepare cost-benefit analyses.
1998) applied cost-benefit analyses to access, ownership, and interlibrary loan service.
For instance, mathematically precise cost-benefit analyses were developed in the early 20th century by the U.
The moral and intellectual bankruptcy of cost-benefit analyses of water projects is summed up in the story of the Tellico Dam in Tennessee.
In both cases, administrative delay--due to unnecessary cost-benefit analyses and industry resistance--was at the heart of the inaction.
People will say to her in the most reasonable tones, "Well, you really should do cost-benefit analyses on this.
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