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an analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs

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Scalia, demonstrating his propensity for revisionist history, neglected to note that the EPA actually did complete a thorough cost-benefit analysis - more than once, in fact, during the years that it took to complete the regulatory process.
On cost-benefit analysis, many industry groups have largely abandoned their commitment to weighing environmental benefits against economic costs.
The entire process took longest with the rules involving cost-benefit analyses, and the economically significant rules had a combined cost of $7 billion and benefits of $11 billion.
The study, States' Use of Cost-benefit Analysis: Improving Results for Taxpayers, comes at a time when states are under continuing pressure to direct limited dollars toward the most cost-effective programs and policies while curbing spending on those that do not deliver.
In recent years, state officials have become increasingly interested in cost-benefit analysis in large part because of the experience in Washington.
ACTIVIST ANALYSIS If Sunstein aims to implement a kinder, gentler approach to cost-benefit analysis, Retaking Rationality by New York University's Richard Revesz and Michael Livermore could well serve as his how-to guide.
Support for such cost-benefit approaches as the widely condemned "senior discount" method for undervaluing the lives of seniors in cost-benefit analyses, an approach even the Bush Administration was forced to disown;
Cost-benefit analyses aren't done more often because they serve a very limited purpose, and even then only if they're done well.
This thin but cogent volume addresses a range of controversies in the field of regulatory analysis, including the importance (or unimportance) of individual rights and nonmonetary values as they relate to the use of cost-benefit analysis in decisionmaking.
To justify this cost-benefit approach, IHEs that typically hold their buildings for longer than the designed life spans need to manage a process of cross-analysis among the fund allocations to create incentives for departments of capital planning, design/ construction, and maintenance to make integrated, strategic decisions.
The most notable trend in this area has been OIRA's insistence on converting technology-based environmental laws into cost-benefit laws.
To help address the controversy that still simmers over how, or whether, to assign a specific value to effects such as degraded human health, OIRA and several federal agencies asked a committee of the National Academies' Institute of Medicine (IOM) to weigh in with guidance on one type of cost-benefit analysis, called cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA), which can include calculations of the dollar value of human life and which was included in Circular A-4.
Trade and Industry Secretary Alan Johnson has commissioned an independent economic cost-benefit analysis to assess the impact of any relaxation of Sunday trading laws.
Economic payoffs Cost-benefit analyses compared measurable benefits--such as reductions in crime costs, public school costs and welfare spending; and participants' increases in earnings and taxes paid on earnings--to total program cost.
Management's challenge is to recognize that the usefulness of solutions from a cost-benefit analysis is only part of the game.
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