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average cost of basic necessities of life (as food and shelter and clothing)

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The Numbeo Cost of Living Index 2015 is calculated relative to prices in New York City, US.
We generally see little cross-country movements in our Cost of Living Index,'[euro]oCi Numbeo Doo chief executive Mladen Adamovic told the GDN.
Bureau of Labor Statistics cost of living index," Journal of the American Statistical Association, Volume 38, no.
It would acknowledge the fact that the real cost of living for millions of seniors rises somewhat every year no matter what the cost of living index shows.
ITO said that the hike was the highest in the last three years in the months of September, stating that cost of living index was up 0.
Unlike the MPI, which includes 10 indicators related to health, education and standard of living, the HCP's cost of living index has 17 indicators comprising healthy diet and housing conditions, he said.
The food and drinks index accounts for a 26 percent weighting in the cost of living index.
The LCCI President argued that the contention which has been portrayed by gas companies time and again that their prices are cheaper than several other countries is fallacious, illogical, and untenable, because the prices quoted by them are not co-related with the cost of living index and hence do not depict the true picture.
Weaker Our Cost of Living Index, compiled with trade bible The Grocer, shows minced beef, dark chicken meat and Heinz beans have also all soared in price, pushing food inflation to five per cent - two per cent up on last month.
Saudi Arabia's cost of living index rose to 121 points by March 31 compared with 114.
The figure, almost three times higher than the latest annual rise in the Government's cost of living index, will take the average weekly rent to pounds 67.
The cost of living index is being applied based on standards created by information gathered by the Statistics Bureau regarding the amount paid for food per family per month.
First and most importantly, Diewert (1976) has shown that the Tornqvist price index approximates to the second order of the underlying Konyus true cost of living index (Konyus, 1924); hence, by using the Tornqvist price index instead of the Laspeyres price index one can avoid the problem of substitution bias.
In this paper we have constructed a relative cost of living index for 32 cities/towns of Pakistan using latest available prices to understand the extent of current differences in cost of living across cities and also to compare changes in relative cost of living since 1999 [Pasha and Pasha (2002)].
COULD anyone out there explain to me in simple terms how the Government came up with a cost of living index increase of 4.