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Synonyms for debt


in debt

indebted to


Synonyms for debt

something, such as money, owed by one person to another

a condition of owing something to another

Words related to debt

the state of owing something (especially money)

an obligation to pay or do something

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Agency Cost of Debt: Agency cost of debt is narrated in the form of conflict between managers and bondholders and the conflict between shareholders and bondholders.
In words, the WACC is a weighted average of the market cost of debt and the return to equity, where the weights are the market values of the debt and equity, as percentages of the total value.
I find a statistically significant decrease in the cost of debt after the implementation of SOX.
One thing that sheds light over the inappropriateness of the practice is that it assumes that the firm can invest the borrowed amount at the same cost of debt.
Not only will the cost of debt spiral, but the amount of debt will assuredly be curtailed.
According to the company, interest expense would be over USD27m more on an annual basis and each customer's monthly bill would have been USD2 more, if it had the same cost of debt that it had at the end of 2000.
This release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 that address, among other things: the company's lower cost of debt and resulting interest expense savings and lower customer bills, the use of proceeds from financing activities to help finance part of the company's five-year capital plan to enhance the delivery infrastructure system, the use of internally generated cash and earnings as the main source of funding the five-year capital plan, and the proposed impact from rebuilding water and wastewater systems on creating jobs, sustainable water and wastewater infrastructure and supporting economic growth.
AaSpeaking at a lecture in the Institute of Consultancy and Research in Beirut, Corm warned against the rise of the cost of debt servicing which is still the largest spending item in the budget.
Fitch's sensitivity analyses revealed that a 460 basis point (bp) increase in the total cost of debt would result in a decline to 1.
It does not appear to be a prudent business decision or a good use of limited cash to acquire the leasehold interests in a terminal that has a low cost of debt and is efficiently and effectively managed for the sole purpose of control," said Arnevik.
We continue to work with these organizations to execute highly-effective campaign strategies that reduce the cost of debt collection and recover debt faster.
2x in September 2006 to 4x) will be partially offset in the coming years by the expected increase in the cost of debt associated with the step up notes for US$434 million.
As we grow and diversify our assets, we expect our cost of debt and other capital to continue to decline relative to our returns, which will create even more attractive investment opportunities.
NIPI provides investors with time-proven recommendations based on the two most crucial influences affecting the value of income property - jobs and the cost of debt service.