cost-benefit analysis

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an analysis of the cost effectiveness of different alternatives in order to see whether the benefits outweigh the costs

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In contrast to employee screening, other preventative practices may appear to more readily lend themselves to a cost/benefit analysis.
Half Moon Harbor chose the system after conducting a cost/benefit analysis that weighed the use of several other conventional systems.
He has worked with a variety of public and private sector clients who are considering their infrastructure investment choices such as whether to build a toll road or transit system, providing cost/benefit analysis and other risk analysis.
Through cost/benefit analysis, those in the process of setting up or investigating new call centre facilities have found regional Australia is potentially a more attractive option than similar sites in traditional metropolitan areas.
The company delivers such services as HAZOP/HAZID workshop facilitations, fire and blast analysis, ship collision/impact risk analysis, risked cost/benefit analysis, safety integrity level assessment, enterprise risk management, project risk management and cost and schedule risk assessment.
These tasks will include activities associated with the full life cycle of a system, such as concept definition, feasibility studies, cost/benefit analysis, business process analysis, requirements analysis, functional and technical design, program coding, testing, documentation, data conversion, training, implementation, and on-going maintenance support.