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Synonyms for cosmonaut



Synonyms for cosmonaut

a person trained to travel in a spacecraft

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As the opening of the Cosmonauts exhibition demonstrates, the UK and Russia have a long history of cultural collaboration that encourages and strengthens people to-people links.
The mishap with the Russian Progress cargo ship and the American Dragon forced the ISS crew to start saving food and other staples but the subsequent arrival of a second Progress ship and a Japanese space truck made life a lot easier for the crew who now have everything they need, Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka said during a video linkup with Mission Control.
He said an agreement was reached in May between Russia's Roscosmos space agency and Kazcosmos to consider sending a Kazakh cosmonaut to the space station.
This discovery could help the cosmonauts prove the theory.
Igor Volk, a cosmonaut and hero of the Soviet Union, gave a talk at the conference and lamented the cancellation of the Buran space shuttle project, of which he was head of the training programme.
The cosmonauts had become the first men to stay at a space station when they docked with the Soviet Salyut 1.
Earlier on Wednesday, the same delegation - consisting of Russian cosmonauts Viktor Savinih and Yuri Gizdenko, Bulgarian cosmonauts Georgi Ivanov, Alexander Alexandfrov and Krasimir Stoyanov, Petar Getsov, head of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences' Space Research Institute, as well as Russian Ambassador to Bulgaria, Yuriy Isakov, and the Chair of the Federation for Friendship with the Peoples of Russia, Prof.
Smolders was awarded the Gagarin Medal of Honor from the Society of Cosmonauts of the Russian Federal Space Agency in 1986 for his work.
Ivanov's participation in the Interkosmos programme, which paired Soviet cosmonauts with colleagues from other socialist countries (giving a new meaning to the term "communist fellow traveller") had been intended as a propaganda triumph.
The cosmonauts are in good health," Russian Mission Control said in a statement.
From extreme G-Forces and weightlessness to the 'Final Challenge' in the world's largest hydrospace laboratory, guests can train like modern Russian Cosmonauts on some of the largest, most advanced space equipment in the world.
Three cosmonauts spend 23 days on the station but die when their capsule leaks air when re-entering Earth's atmosphere, depriving them of oxygen.
The two cosmonauts sent a joint report to the Soviet Communist Party and a message to the leader, Mr Krushchev.
A veteran of 32 years with the NASA program, Charles Boyle has the experience to write a story about astronauts, cosmonauts, and the Cold War era rivalries involving the early days space exploration.
Russian cosmonauts Alexander Volkov and Alexander Martynov inspect the spacesuit of former cosmonaut Vladimir Lyakhov, at the Spaceport Museum, in Seacombe Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL/ mb041207spaceport-1