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Consequently, the turning point and accelerating expansion of the flat universe has been investigated according to the cosmological theory with a non-zero cosmological constant.
Lange's work demonstrates that the universe is mathematically flat, and that the standard cosmological theory is correct, while Perlmutter's work indicates that the source of astronomical energy giving rise to a flat universe comes from a type of negative gravitational pressure or dark energy permeating the universe.
Nikolaus Copernicus' De Revolutionibus, that one could claim was just as revolutionary in cosmological theory as Vesalius' work was in human anatomy.
The study also contributes to resolving other puzzles, such as the dating, provenance and influence of the Chuci corpus from the time of Han Gaozu onwards, the role of scholars in planning state ritual, the development of cosmological theory and the many debts of Han to Qin.
According to cosmological theory, these imperfections were whirlpools of primordial matter that spun off at moments of cosmic transition.
What Cavendish has done is adapt the traditional cosmological theory of the correspondences between macro- and microcosm into a new kind of poetic theory.
For most of the 1980s, cold dark matter dominated cosmological theory.
Indeed, since both authors' works were closely related to Plato's Timaeus and to Pythagorean cosmological theory, it would be difficult to explain their presence on Aristotle's side of the painting and their proximity to Euclid.