sine wave

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a wave whose waveform resembles a sine curve

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Specifically, under the assumption that each high-frequency stock return is an event that triggers momentum and reversal periodically, we decompose each future return into a collection of decaying cosine waves that are functions of past returns.
The taper of the ridge may be in a shape approximating a cosine wave or, if a very short transition is required, in the shape of steps.
Formally, I regress the data on a series of cosine waves as described in Muller and Watson (2008, 2015).
In its simplest form, Fourier analysis decomposes complex periodic functions (such as those perceived as "sound") into the sum of simple sine and cosine waves counted in cycles per second (hertz) (Fourier transform, n.
By simultaneously generating sine and cosine waves, the driver sequentially deforms the piezoelectric elements.