Cosa Nostra

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a crime syndicate in the United States

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To many Valley residents, the adult industry still exists in a kind of '70s alternative reality of cocaine parties, hot tub orgies and Cosa Nostra thugs.
Roncadore, described as a "leading figure" of Sicilian Cosa Nostra by Italy's interior ministry, became a fugitive from justice in 1994, after he faced trial for mafia related crimes in Palermo.
He told Manhattan Federal Court: "Nobody's gonna respect us if we have a gay boss discussing La Cosa Nostra business.
Primarily, though, The Sopranos is about family - by which I don't mean Cosa Nostra but Tony and Carmela and the kids.
CUNNINGHAM was convicted in 1998 of operating loansharking and illegal gambling businesses as an associate of the Genovese La Cosa Nostra Family between 1988 and November of 1992 in violation of the federal Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations ("RICO") statute.
Dell'Utri has reportedly claimed that in the early 1990s in an effort to shore up support for his Forza Italia party, Berlusconi entered into a pact with La Cosa Nostra to guarantee votes in Sicily.
Experts believe the ruthless gang, who murdered top politician Francesco Fortugno last year and control dozens of corrupt local councils, are now more dangerous than Sicily's feared Cosa Nostra.
So the Cosa Nostra is getting back strongly into drug trafficking, but because of the many arrests they are forced to recruit less skilled mobsters.
The prosecution portrayed it as a Mafia revenge killing for Calvi's theft of Cosa Nostra money he was meant to launder, as well as cash stolen from Licio Gelli of the P2 Masonic lodge.
if your name ends in a vowel, they think you're La Cosa Nostra.
Seafood, chicken, veal and pasta dishes are all there but the house speciality is the biftecca cosa nostra.
At a separate trial held in Worcester federal court, testimony revealed that on March 31, 1994 while sitting in a car on Bennington Avenue in East Boston, GILLIS and Richard Devlin were shot by members of a rival faction of La Cosa Nostra.
Gorton in connection with his involvement in the struggle for control of the Patriarca Family of La Cosa Nostra between 1989 and 1994.
He was apprehended along with three other Cosa Nostra members for extortion and criminal association.