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American vulture smaller than the turkey buzzard

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In contrast, (Milne 1974) showed that the proportion of eider nests being destroyed in a northeastern Scottish colony by carrion crow Corvus corone and herring gull increased as the season progressed.
1985: Nest density, breeding habitat and reproductive output in a population of the hooded crow Corvus corone cornix on Karmoy, SW Norway.
1985: Effect of culling on population size in hooded crows Corvus corone cornix.
Latin name: Corvus corone Family: Crows and allies (Corvidae) Overview: One of the cleverest, most adaptable of our birds.
Of the other three species, two (Corvus frugilegus, the "Rook," and Corvus corone, the "Eastern Carrion Crow") are only occasional visitors to south Asia, and then only at its northern and northwestern fringes.