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Medina y Serrano (2009) en la isla Patos, bahia de Ohuira registraron un total de 33 especies pertenecientes a 17 familias (Ardeidae, Anatidae, Cathartidae, Corvidae, Columbidae, Falconidae, Fregatidae, Haematopodidae, Laridae, Mimidae, Pandionidae, Pelecanidae, Phalacrocoracidae, Threskiomithidae, Tyrannidae, Scolopacidae, Sulidae).
Los estadios inmaduros tambien parecen ser parasitos oportunistas, ya que se han encontrado asociados a diferentes especies de mamiferos (familia Cervidae, Tayassuidae, Procyonidae, Sciuridae, Leporidae, Dasyproctidae y Erethizontidae) y aves (familias Turdidae, Emberizidae, Corvidae y Falconidae) (13).
2,3,4 & 5 Myiarchus tyrannulus; 2 1 (Papamoscas tirano - Brown-crested Flycatcher) Tyrannus couchii; (Tirano 3 1 silbador - Couch's Kingbird) FAMILY HIRUNDINIDAE Hirundo rustica; (Golondrina I 1 &2 tijereta - Barn Swallow) FAMILY CORVIDAE Cyanocitta steller; (Chara I 2,3.
melanoleuca Golondrina de raudales Neochelidon tibialis Golondrina ahumada Tachycineta albiventer Golondrina aliblanca Petrochelidon pyrrhonota * Golondrina risquera Hirundo rustica * Golondrina tijereta Corvidae Urracas y cuervos Cyanocorax heilprini Urraca pechinegro Vireonidae Vireos y verdillos Cyclarhis gujanensis Verderon cejirrufo Vireo olivaceus * Vireo ojirrojo Hy1ophilus ochraceideps Troglodytidae Cucaracheros y soterreyes Thryothorus coraya Soterrey amazonico Troglodytes aedon Cucarachero comun Henicorhina leucosticta Cucarachero pechiblanco Polioptilidae Palitas y soterillos Microbates collaris Soterillo collarejo Turdidae Mirlas y zorzales Turdus albicollis Mirla collareja Catharus ustulatus * Zorzal de Swainson C.
Bold, raucous and clever birds, blue jays are members of the crow family, Corvidae.
All homeowners and builders in Michigan should take note of these results," said Jacob Corvidae, green programs manager, WARM Training Center, author of the report.
I'm speaking not of any human family, but of the bird family Corvidae, and particularly the crows and ravens in the clan Corvus.
Corvidae, Myshkin's Ruby Warblers (Double Salt): Out queer, self-described "gypsy torch punk chanteuse" offers 11 new tracks that meld folk, jazz, cabaret and electronica, many influenced by her cross-country move from New Orleans to Portland, Ore.
In 2002, crows, blue jays, and other members of the family Corvidae accounted for 90% of WNV-infected birds, and crows had the highest rate of WNV infection.
They enable moose to avoid or minimize exposure to ticks and include moose movement to avoid larval ticks on vegetation, toleration of foraging by birds of the family Corvidae to minimize exposure to ticks, and self-grooming to remove ticks.
A check of Ali's survey of the Corvidae in his Handbook allows me to suggest that there is not really a problem of redundancy.
Corvidae and raptors) nest and point count surveys throughout the study area.
We collected tracheal swabs of 97 free-ranging Corvidae, including 68 randomly selected individuals from hunting bags and 29 birds that had been admitted to a veterinary clinic.
High death rates are most frequently observed among passeriform birds, of which the family Corvidae comprises the most highly susceptible species to WNV (4).